Global Alliance Against Digital Hate and Extremism: Set up a worldwide coalition

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Following our #96percentofhumanity campaign in 2021 which mobilised civil society organisations across the globe, in April 2022 we helped launch the Global Alliance Against Digital Hate and Extremism, a coalition spanning Global North and South focused on online harms that lead to offline violence.

What is the coalition about?

The Global Alliance Against Digital Hate and Extremism (GAADHE) is an international movement mobilising collective action for a safe, fair and just online experience for humans everywhere. More than 70 organisations have signed up from across the world. Digital Action is part of the GAADHE steering committee, which also includes Never Again Association, Avaaz, Equality Labs and the Global Project against Hate and Extremism.

“[The launch] was a crucial event to not only showcase the harms of Big Tech companies on global communities, especially those at risk, but to also platform people from those communities. I don’t see those events like that often so it was exciting to participate in your much needed event.”

US civil society partner organisation

How did we convene global partners?

We worked with partners across the world to agree a joint manifesto:

We are an international movement mobilising collective action for a safe, fair and just online experience for humans everywhere.

We organised the launch event “The Urgent Need for Action Against Online Harms: Global Stories From Frontline Activists” (see video above) ” which was attended by over 100 people from around the world, including media, social media staff and civil society representatives.

Speakers included:

  • Bissan Fakih, Digital Action
  • Wendy Via, Global Project Against Hate and Extremism
  • Ro Sayedullah, Rohingya Student Network
  • Lucky, Rohingya student and advocate
  • Hayder Hamzoz, Iraqi Network for Social Media
  • Rafal Pankowski, Never Again Association
  • Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Equality Labs

“The call just now was really powerful and uplifting even though the stories are tragic and heartbreaking. More power to everyone and really well done in bringing this together. ”

Foundation grant maker

What impact has the coalition had?

Since its inception, the GAADHE has engaged in a growing number of advocacy actions, resulting in increased platform engagement with partners, such as meetings on central questions like dangerous organisation designations. The network has sent a letter to tech companies demanding they protect users and democracies, lobbied Elon Musk to make Twitter safe for all users  and denounced Facebook’s decision to allow Trump back on the platform.

The Alliance has also partnered with the Conscious Advertising Network, which allows the Alliance to benefit from the power and access corporate advertisers provide.

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